Arise Acres.

City of Launceston Environmental Living Zone

Arise Acres has been strategically master planned to ensure that above all, you live well. This has been achieved by safeguarding development with certain guidelines ensuring that the beautiful semi-rural feeling of openness is retained now and for years to come. We have summarised what we feel are the most important of these guidelines and welcome you to contact one of our Architects at S. Group for an obligation free consultation to talk through the guidelines and any further queries.

When designing your new home at Arise Acres there are three sets of regulations that are to be considered;
  • City of Launceston Environmental Living Zone Requirements
  • City of Launceston Cataract Gorge Management Area Code
  • Arise Acres Part 5 Agreement

When applying for your Development Permit with the City of Launceston there are two columns of criteria of which can be met. The Acceptable Solution or the Performance Criteria. If the Acceptable Solution cannot be met then we refer to the Performance Criteria.

Development Area

The Acceptable Solution states for no more of 20% of the site to be developed, this includes your home, sheds, decks, driveways etc. On the larger lots this would mean well over 400m2 of the lot could be developed however on the medium size lots we will rely on the Performance Criteria if we want to develop over 20% of which we simply need to address that the proposed works on the site respond to the size of the site, existing vegetation and the character of the surrounding area etc.

Setbacks from Boundaries

The Acceptable Solution requires 20m from all boundaries of which will be achievable on the larger lots however the medium size lots will require us to address the Performance Criteria of which we need to speak to the slope of the lot, any adjacent buildings, existing vegetation, overshadowing, etc.

Outbuildings (Sheds)

Outbuildings can be constructed of a total area of up to 100m2 and up to 4.5M high under the Acceptable Solution and once again can be larger whilst addressing the Performance Criteria.

City of Launceston Cataract Gorge Management Area Code

Building Footprint

Under the Acceptable Solution all buildings on site can not add up to over 250m2, however a larger footprint can be built by addressing the Performance Criteria of size of the site, existing vegetation, visual impact, etc.

Arise Acres Part 5 Agreement

Building Height

To retain the semi-rural and spacious feel of Arise Acres any building on the site must be under five metres in height measured from the natural ground level. This height allows for a generous single-level home however, a further metre can be applied for through the City of Launceston.

Boundary Fencing

Further, to preserve the openness of the development all boundary fences are to be of rural style post and wire construction, however fences within your property can be solid timber paling.


Arise Acres has been master-planned to retain some beautiful existing vegetation, if it is required to remove some of this due to the location of your new home this can be applied for with the City of Launceston.


A full bushfire report has been prepared for Arise Acres.

No-Build Zone

Many of the lots in Arise Acres have a 20-metre no-build zone at the rear of the property boundary.

The no-build zone only applies to a residence. However, a shed is permitted within 10 metres of the zone if there is a 6-metre separation between the shed and the residence.

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